Company Profile

Duracom is a customer orientated manufacturer and professional procurement group for advanced technology appliances and components.

Founded in 1980, Duracom has established a reputation in OEM/ODM projects for quality and customer service. Our close partnership with the customers provides innovative design, high quality, cost effective product development, quick response procurement services, advance manufacturing techniques, highest standard quality control and innovative engineering solutions.

Duracom is your one STOP product provider.

Mission, Vision and Values

Duracom Mission

Working in partnership with customers to provide innovative, high quality, cost effective products, delivering sourcing, manufacturing, quality control and engineering solutions.

Duracom Vision

Duracom is a customer driven and dynamic supplier with a passionate attitude towards trading, manufactory and customer services.

Duracom Values

- Customer first

We start from the customer's needs. Our way of working is flexible to make sure that the customer is given the best possible service. We treat all our customers and partners, both internal and external, with the same respect.

- People in focus

Our way of working is based on honesty and fair play. Respect for the individual, mutual trust and concern are a natural part of social relations.

- Entrepreneurship and drive for achievement

Our way of working is based on internal entrepreneurship: we take the initiative; we have the courage, and take the responsibility. We are committed to reaching the goals. At the same time, we are open to new challenges. Our operations are efficient and we constantly improve them.

- Passion for excellence

We are devoted to the quality of our products, services and our way of working. We provide our best possible expertise to the customer. We create innovative solutions.